Definitely not a fluke.  They are the top scoring team in the AL.  The fluke was game three.  Any team that takes a beating like that usually comes back.  They who live by the come from behind win die by the come from behind win.  That is indicative of poor pitching if the other team always gets the the early lead.  I think Cashman will be wheelin' and dealin' for pitching over the winter. It appears the pitching is far better with either the Stros or Cards.  It should be a great Series.    Congrats to the Sox fans for hanging in there.......but it aint over yet.    Jimski 

Skip King <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
At 12:21 AM 10/21/2004, Richard Carlson wrote:


Boy, ain't it just...

I feel strangely numb... although I daresay not as numb as the Yanks partisans on the list.  And four straight after a 3-0 deficit... I just can't see how anyone could say that was a fluke.

'Bout time Johnny got his groove back!

A great, thrilling series, with wonderful ball played by both teams.


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