At 09:30 AM 10/21/2004, Eric Krupka wrote:

>A question for Sox fans: What happens to the Sox'
>charm(?) if they win the WS?  Do they become just
>another team?

Great question, Eric, and i don't know the answer.  I believe that the Red
Sox have long appealed to a deeply hidden Calvinism that still lies at the
heart of much of New England - that our reward will be in heaven, and not
on this earth.... that we should be careful what we wish for, as it may
come true.

On the one hand, a Sox World Series win will bring down the curtain on an
86-year passion play, end one of the most powerful and mysterious myths in
sports ('the curse') and set up an expectation that it can happen, should
happen again.  I think New England is a lot more comfortable with the idea
of repeated Pats Superbowl wins; we understand it, it's logical, we can see
how it works and why (and in our heart of hearts, we understood how it
worked and why the Sox were usually also-rans under the previous ownership).

On the other hand, you could argue that a Sox win would represent the
consummation of one of the longest seductions in sports history, and that
we'll all feel great afterwards.

And wanting sloppy seconds to boot.

So it's an open question.  In my heart, I think you're probably right and
that we're looking at something almost Tolkienesque here:  it would be a
great victory, but it will no doubt come with some sad and unexpected costs.

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