injected comments below.

>From: "McCusker, Brad"
> >most degenerate, most despicable, most unsportsmanlike
> >thing you've ever witnessed in a professional sports game
>Not even close.  I think we all can think of many worse displays (think
>of just about any baseball bench clearing brawl).  And it sure seems
>like the umps made the right call.

Agreed,  Zimmer rushing Pedro outdid the sissy swat, tenfold.

>I'm not a rules expert by any stretch.  Anyone care to enlighten me as
>to what would have happened if A-Rod stayed on the base line, and ran
>right over/into the guy, and he dropped the ball, instead of stepping
>out of the line and batting the ball away?
>What if he stayed in the base line, and dropped a shoulder as he ran
>into him?

I don't have all the rules memorized but,  if the fielder has the ball and
is standing in the baseline it's fun time.  The runner needs to stay in the
baseline,  it's up to him to lay in or concede the out.  In the playoffs,
lay in.  If the ball comes lose,  game on,  no out, advance bases at will.
If the ball is held it's an out.  If the running leaves the line,  out.

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