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Subject:      Re: Streakers with Pictures

Awesome photos, Denis. It brings back some great memories of the FVT,
though we had a bit more snow. Here's a shot taken several hundred vert.
feet above the Palmer Lift: I can't remember,
have you stayed at Timberline before or just Silcox? The hot tub at
Timberline is one of the best in the world.  <

Thanks Matt.  Actually I didn't take any of these pics,  Jerry who made
the video, and Jeanette, aka Mad Dog because she loves the steeps, took
them.  The video is great.  Start it downloading before you go to bed and
check it out in the morning.

I've stayed in both Timberline Lodge and Silcox including this time.
T'line's pool and hottub were closed due to renovations.  But I've enjoyed
that huge outdoor tub before and you're right, it's awesome.  In one of
the May trips a half dozen of us were in there.  One guy, Gene, had almost
cancelled out but came anyway.  He lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and
is a big mtn. biker.  Just days before the trip he crashed in a lava field
sustaining a massive bruise to his arse.  It was really ugly.  How do we
know you ask?  A Hawaiian must have a dozen pairs of swim trunks, but Gene
didn't know there was a hot tub so he left them all at home.  Instead he
wore his tidy whiteys and they turned transparent as soon as they got wet,
revealing all the colors on the darker end of the rainbow.  We gave him a
really hard time.  Also had a snowball fight since the snowbanks came
right down to the edge of the tub.  We were extremely careful not to hit
Gene in the arse of course.  After all, we are not barbarians.

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