you heard it here first: Mammoth will open Thursday on all natural snow.
FTO will have a news story later tonight.

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>The Sierra:
>Storm moved ashore last night and started to pound the Sierra...Mammoth is
>reporting 12 new overnight with another 6 falling before noon today.  They
>haven't updated since this morning and with heavy snow all day I'd bet
>they are in the two foot range so far.
>Snow has also been pounding the areas around Lake Tahoe with snow levels
>on their way to 5,000 feet tonight...Haven't heard any totals so far from
>those areas but I'm sure the higher elevations above 7,000 feet have
>recieved around a foot of heavy wet snow.
>The forecast looks fairly impressive with many peices of energy pounding
>into the Sierra tonight and tomorrow.  Snow levels will fall to 5,000 feet
>in the northern Sierra and to 6,000 feet in the southern Sierra.  Totals
>will range from 20-30 inches with localized amounts to 3 feet in mountains
>around Lake Tahoe.  Bullseye of 24-36 inches with possibly even 40+ inches
>on the Sierra crest near Mammoth as the GFS has 2-3 inches of liquid
>equivilent falling down there and the ETA has up to 4 inches of liquid
>near Mammoth.  The higher elevation of the Mammoth Lakes/Mammoth Mountain
>Resort (8,000-11,000 feet) will aid in colder temps and more snowfall as
>well.  Winds will be a big factor as well with hurricane force winds on
>the ridges...there could be some huge drifts and cornices after this one.
>The Wasatch:
>Snow has been falling all day at Alta and Alta Ski Lifts is reporting 12
>inches of new snow so far.  Temps have been mild with Alta reporting 38
>this afternoon and 35 at Snowbird...snow levels will stay around 7,500 to
>8,000 feet.  The snow has been coming on a moist southwest flow and will
>continue to do so for the next 24-36hrs before backing and coming around
>from the northwest when Lake Effect could enhance precip in the Cottonwood
>Canyons.  Snow will continue, heavy at times, through Thursday.  Total
>accumulations should be in the 18-24 inch range in the Wasatch around Park
>City with 24-36 in the Cottonwood Canyons...depending on if the lake
>effect gets going towards the end of this event, the Cottonwoods could see
>36+. Again, winds here will be a problem too.  Winds gusting to 60mph over
>the ridges will lead to some heavy wind loading on lee side slopes.
>Snow has been moving in today as well.  2-6 inches have fallen across much
>of the northern Rockies in Colorado.  Snowfall amounts of up to 12 inches
>could fall by Wednesday evening with heavy snow continuing through
>Thursday evening with up to another foot above 9,000 feet in the northern
>mountains (especially around Steamboat and the Park/Gore Range). This
>southwest flow favors strong orographic lift over Steamboat and possibly
>into the Vail region.  It wont be till late Thursday that the flow changes
>enough to give the Summit County region its best period of snowfall.  In
>and around Summit County it looks like they could recieve up to a foot of
>snow by Friday morning.
>Whew...didn't mean to write that much, but had so much fun going from area
>to area to see where the storm would hit the worst.  All in all it'll get
>the ski season started out west.
>I've got work to do before the ball game tonight :)
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