Jim B. wrote on 10/21/04 8:53 AM:

> The way the Yanks (other than Matsui) stopped hitting in the
> clutch after game three was a shock to me.

Blowouts usually come back to haunt. Not usually for four games, though.

> Boston's pitching was good,
> gritty, tough, but definitely not masterful.

Beg to differ. Sox pitching had Yanks guessing wrong, consistently. Taking
strikes, guessing change and popping up fastballs (game 6), guessing
fastballs and grounding curves (game 7). If it'd been a few batters, ok, bad
batting. But it was the whole lineup. In my book that equals masterful
pitching (Pedro excepted).

BTW, did anybody else notice a particularly large strike zone during the
ALCS? Nothing unfair about it, it was even, but it did seem large,
especially inside.

> To their credit, none of the Yankee fans left after Damon swung at the
> first pitch he saw in the second inning.

A difference between Stadium crowds and Fenway crowds is that Stadium crowds
are more apt to keep cheering when they're behind. We'll see if that now

Gotta go. Compass needs recalibrating.


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