First: Kevin Brown is a pitiful excuse for a pitcher and I hope no one
remembers him.  He does not deserve to wear the Yankee pinstripes.  He
is the epitome of a Loser.

Second: Initially I thought that this has to be one of the biggest
chokes in sports, though not quite as bad as a number of Greg Norman's
numbers.  However, the truth is this was a pretty lame Yankees team
with absolutely no pitching.  They were lucky to have won the
Division, beat the Twins and taken three from the Sox.  Then again,
the Sox were almost just as lucky to win the three games Schilling
didn't win.

Third: Speaking of Schilling, he is both an idiot and a hypocrite.  I
believe it was on SportCenter that Schilling called A-Rod's slap bush
league and went on to say that A-Rod was not a real Yankee implying
that  because A-Rod was bought this year he didn't deserve to be
there.  Excuse me?  Did Curt Schilling forget that he is no longer
with the Phillies and not once, but twice he has been a hired gun to
help a losing team win?  A-Rod is no more a Yankee than Schilling a
Red Sox.

And to all of you who say his performance was heroic, that he was a
true hero because he pitched through imense pain, take it from
Schilling's mouth himself, he was in little if any pain.  There was no
reason for him not to have pitched as he has in playoffs past.  Yes,
it was an impressive performance but the heroes were the doctors, not
Schilling (the hypocrite).

Finally, I have trashed Pedro in the past, but when he says something
right, I'll be the first (okay, maybe second, third or even tenth) to
give him credit.  Unlike the Hypocrite, he told the truth about
A-Rod's slap, it was instinctive and, in that situation, instincts
take over.

May the team with the best chance of beating the Sox win the NLCS.
Suck the Fox!

--Matt K.

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