Here's the bulk of what needs to get done for this week (but will not be
discussed in meeting):
1) Rock the Vote--AWESOME JOB everyone! Thanx everyone for showing up and
helping out, hope you had a good time even though the turn out of the election
definately sucked.
2) UVM BOWLS- also AWESOME job. Mel, could you get the Green Mt. Transit invoice
(if they sent one) and/or the Yankee Lanes so we can take care of that whole
thing? Thanx!
3) Also remember that we need to be filling out Evals for these events and hand
them to me or Sum.
4) Contra Dance-Sarah
-Call Doug, if still can't get in touch, let me/Sum/Nic know
-sound equipment and cordless mic...ordered?
-rootbeer float day...? i'm assuming no, especially now that it's snowing. Let
me know if you want to set up any other advertising with food.
-more fliers, dorm storm, and hand out at Cook tables
5) CAT Concert-Sum/Marc
-Years Best at 7:30, Moonraker, then Jazz Mandolin
-$5 to limit # of people in N. Lounge, there are NO presales
-set up time at 6:30pm...do we want to do shifts? MEETING TOPIC
-advertising? we have been working on a poster, anything else that might spark
some interest? MEETING TOPIC
-prize ideas? MEETING TOPIC
5) Sushi Making-Sucio
-contacted Manyi? get rough estimate of # of people from AASU
-supplies ordered?
-advertising? cook tables, fliers (send pics/blurb to Pat R.?), additional?
-tables ordered? if not let me know and i can show you how to do it.

Things that WILL be discussed (minus above talked about things)
1) Leadership exercise with Sum
2) NACA! It's over...the shortest week followed by the longest weekend of my
life! Me/Sum/Chevy/Ciara/Nic will share, briefly, what we learned and took away
from CATS.
3) Reminder: No meeting on Tues Nov. 23
4) Possible other discussion yet to come...

If you made it down to here, you're awesome. That's a lot but most of it won't
be discussed, so if ANY applies to you and you have questions, email
me/Sum/Nic. Thanx so much and see you tomorrow!