Here are the minutes from the last two meetings, yes some of the information is
now irrelevent.  Sorry bout that.

Minutes 10/5/04
 - Becoming a member?
 - restrics to just uvm students, closed to non-members
 - ways of getting more funds for speakers

Bulletin Board
 - post minutes
 - upcoming events

Robert Harper CMU
 - Monday 12:20-1:10 367
 - Group Mtg. afterwards

Richard Stallman
 - Nov. 9th
 - Lafayette L400

 - Talked to L/L directors, waiting to hear back
 - beginning of next month
 - posters sent by V-Games, will need to be posted

 - posting jobs/internships
 - Beth West Contact Info
 - NSA, IBM info
 - pictures
 - Broadcasting Speakers?

Programming Contest
 - Have a problem for contest
 - will be held next spring
 - publicizing
 - sponsership

Movie Night
 - need to do something now if it's gonna happen

Ph. D comprehensive Exams
 - Study groups

Design Tasc
 - First Sat. in December
 - come up with a display

Minutes 10/19/04

Richard Stallman
 - Nov. 9th
 - flyers
 - Info on bulletin board

Movie Night
 - 12th of Nov.
 - looking for place to have it

Working on speakers for next semester

Design Tasc
 - coming with activites
 - stuff to show about CS

 - 3pm-3am Gaming Night Dec. 3rd $5.00 to play