I'm interested in experiences people have with being network connected when
on the road in various places in VT and beyond.

Here is what I know so far.
   There are various pdaphones available using Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc
but except for the Kyocera 7135 they are digital only.  Digital coverage in VT
is not too good. Verizon has the best digital coverage but it is only about 40%.
   Some smartphones come with bluetooth and bluetooth is available for laptops.

Here is a scenario:
   I need to have a phone that allows me to make and receive calls in various
places in VT.  Some places will have digital coverage, many won't.  I need to be
able to access the Internet for web pages and email from various places in VT
and outside VT.  I don't have to be able to connect to the Internet from analog
only places in VT, I only need to be able to use the phone there.  I need to be
able to access things like a schedule, todo list, etc from anywhere but these
apps and the data can be local to the device.  I definitely want to have as few
devices as possible to accomplish my tasks.  My preference would be to have a

Here are some things I don't know:
   Is there more actual digital coverage than I can see on the providers'
coverage maps?  Are most of the digital dead spots in VT in places like mountain
tops where I won't be going so much?  Can I put bluetooth on a laptop and use
that to call out on a bluetooth enabled cell phone and connect to an ISP?

I'm hoping that someone has researched this an knows all the answers?  Or
perhaps has some of the answers?  If you've looked into this at all, what are
your experiences?  Have you found a solution?


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