There are command line execs for most of these things you're mentioning. In
general, look in the Windows 2000/2003 Server Resource Kit, or the Windows
2000/XP support tools directory.

NTP protocol resync can be configured by mucking in the registry under
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters. Trying reading
Q216734 at


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> Is there a command line way to set Options like whether or not to "Register
> this computer's address in DNS" or allow LMHOSTS?  I have found some of
> these in the registry and can set them there (from the command line) but
> some I can't.  It isn't that I can't on an individual basis but I can't in
> a generic way since one like the "Register ..." setting shows up in the
> tcpip settings but with a configuration part of the key name which is
> different on different machines.
> More generally, is there some place to look for this type of command line
> stuff?
> Also, the synchronize network time only seems to be done once a week and I
> can't see any option for that.  If I wanted to do it daily, is there some
> registry setting or can you run this from the command line and just
> schedule it?
> Larry Kost