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> On Nov 28, 2004, at 8:05 PM, Thomas McLeod wrote:
> > Isn't Kor talking about accessing the local LAN at home? I think so.
> I stand corrected. And with the VPN client active and while sitting in
> my kitchen, sure enough, I can't print to my shared printer upstairs
> nor mount the disk of the iMac it's attached to.

I found out long ago by connecting and suddenly losing a bunch of file transfers
and ssh connections to my local machines... I was so angry. :)

> SO my question is, is this why your burden has been so great -- you
> need the VPN to send mail? If so, then once you reconfigure your mail
> app, you may not need the VPN more often than I --  which is not too
> often (and my laptop is almost always on, at home or on campus).

While Kor's might be an email issue, mine (and I'm sure more) is that I can't
get to my machines at work without being on the vpn. The firewall and all ;)

> I haven't found it a burden at all. Again, I rarely use it: only when
> in a CATSPaws zone without a cable or jack (why accept 11Mbs when I can
> get 100) or working at home and need to access
> (because no one ever responded to my firewall waiver request [thinly
> veiled complaint]).

What I *DID* find was that when I connected using the linux vpn client (on the
home penguin), I WAS able able to access the VPN *and* the home lan... dunno
why, but it seemed to be fine. But I do most of my work on my M$ laptop, and
well... two things: the vpn client was incompatible with something I did during
an upgrade and it stopped working over a year ago, but I never bothered to mess
with it again; otherwise, I could really loop it around and VNC to the  penguin
and then VNC/etc to campus stuffs.

> Maybe it would help if Lynne could reiterate why we chose Cisco, why we
> chose VPN, and maybe even answer Steve's questions (Does the VPN
> effectively help users ? Does the VPN help build out the wireless
> network and wireless applications ?)

I guess like steve, I only have questions.. no answers. :)
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