Hel07lo dear hvEom^e o#wLOner,

We hahCve been n3Ootified tSIhat yo/ur mortgage raS3te is fBixe2Od at a verHay hXCigh inUte2rest rapt8e. Theoirefore you are currently ovCerpayin$g, wLhich sums->up to thousafunds of dollars annual^ly .

Luckily for yoEwu w,e ciAan g3uarasSntee the loCwest rateULs in t)he U,.SPj. (3.24%). So hurrTy beca6use thVe ra+t^e forecacZst is not looking good!

There i:s no obl]iP0gat8ion, an6Pd i5St's FR>EE

Loc1k on the 3.24%, e-ven wi=th bad cre7Bddit@!