Well since I have never even used a pair of G3 skins, I konsider myself a
kualified konsultant on said product.

Pluses: Excellent tailclip--easy to use, easy to adjust.  Grip and glide,
very good.  Glue--good.  Brand character--the company shut down their skin
production to solve a major problem and kept it down until they felt they
completely solved the problem.

Downsides: Glue durability is unproven; my guess is that they really did
fix there problems, but, the fact remains, the track record is brief.

Now, Ascension skins do have a proven track record.  For decades their glue
has set the standard and it continues to.  The one downside is the ClipFix,
which is inferior to the G3 tailkit.  This however, can be circumvent with
a rat tail (see or buying an aftermarket Ascension Glidelite
or G3 tailkit.  Sure, this is a little more work than simply buying the G3
skins, but the Ascensions remain the at the top of the heap with regards to
grip, grip vs. glide, glue and durability.

Remember, Ascension skins have purple plush.  Ascension Glidelite skins are
NOT the same and are an inferior product.

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