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>Thanks for your continuing updates and thoughts.
>I am interested in whether you think any accumulation will occur at Mt
>I hope to hit KOD on Monday, but I am at Mt Snow Sat/Sun for an indoor
>clinic to renew my PSIA cert.
>So I'm wondering whether I should toss the xc skis in the car an
>anticipation of the possibility of a quick/short tour over lunchtime.

Hmmm.  I'd bet against any significant accums down there (even anything
greater than an inch or two) for a couple reasons.  One, surface layer and
upper air temps will be warm with rain being the main p-type.  Once the
heaviest precip has moved away, rain will change to snow in Southern VT
and continue with off and on wet snow showers and flurries.  The ground
will be warm to begin with so anything that does fall will have a hard
time accumulating.


With systems like this, if the rain/snow line moves east quick enough,
they could pick up a quick 1-3 inches on the back end.  The southern
Greens have relatively high base elevations of 1,000-2,000 feet and this
usually helps them when precip is changing from rain to snow because they
dont have to wait as long for the column to cool.  Also, storms like this
end with rain changing to scattered snow showers with widely varying
snowfall depending on what areas get effected by showers and squalls.

My forecast would be rain changing to a brief period of snow or snow
showers with accumulations of a coating to an inch above 1,500 feet.
Mount Snow is just too far south to really get anything out of this.

I hope I'm wrong.

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