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> I agree with the first two points, but please provide supporting detail
> regarding the third point (i.e., Glidelite skins, inferiority thereof).

I believe it was Dave Mann who sent me a PDF of an upstart backcountry
ski magazine last fall.  In its pages was the most thorough and
exhaustive review of skins that I have read.  The writer even compared
plushes with a microscope.

At the moment, I can find the file on my computer, but I do have a
printout at home.  Dave, do you still have that PDF?

IIRC, I have also read similar less than favorable reviews about the
Glidelight skins but I can't specificy periodicals or dates.  My bad.

In regards to my earlier comments, I am sure that several brands of
skins and features (i.e. the ClipFix) have performed well for many
people in many scenarios, however, if the best are available
(Ascension and G3) and similar in price, why settle something less?

--Matt K.

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