Old news, but I suppose still worth repeating:

The $25 is worth it only if the 1,100' vert of groomed intermediate man-
made (and presumably coal-soot-contaminated) snow is sufficiently
compensated for by the neat-o factor of getting to ski on (the below-
treeline lower flanks of) Mt Washington in winter.  I suppose lots of
people will do this once for its novel nature, but I canít imagine anyone
doing it more than once.

Rumor has it that the cog management will prevent any out-of-bounds
adventurers, but thereís really nothing to prevent: getting 1,100' higher
along the cog tracks doesnít get you much closer to anything.  Skiers who
currently use the ART/MonroeBk route to Oakes or Jewell/Burt route to GG
will have no reason to switch routes, although they will benefit from
better (and official) winter access to the cog area base.  Extreme-types
who head straight up the cog tracks to access GG (including the proprietor
of a certain snowcat op) probably wonít want to pay $25 for the combo of an
1,100' vert gain and a delayed start (since the cog probably wonít run
until 9:00am), although they will benefit from being able to skin up the
trails before anyone is looking.

Overall, I'd categorize the whole thing as harmless, except that the thing
is still running on coal, which makes it mostly harmless.

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