A run at Breckenridge, Spitfire, has been looking good for a while
now. I first noticed how white it was last week from the supermarket
and 6-8" just fell in town a couple days ago.

So this morning I skinned from the Beaver Run base area to the top of
the Falcon lift on Peak 10. It was a windless, cloudless, 25 degree
bluebird day, the kind that scorches your face if you forget the sun

The red arrow marks the spot I started skinning.

Winter was up to her usual tricks, of course. She ran up and down
enough laps that I bet she covered 10 times the distance I did – which
was about 2,000 vertical feet each way.

With no time constraints, I rested on the deck of the warming hut for
a solid hour taking in views and enjoying the fresh air. Colorado is
not bad at all. I noticed a perfect reflection of Keystone's trails in
a window and here's proof that I'm not a vampire:

I squinted and stared from that deck down the run directly below. It
was our run, Spitfire, which had been loaded with big moguls every
time I'd seen it before. But today it wore a perfectly smooth, 12-15"
blanket of untouched powder.

Eventually my best friend and I departed and pigged out on all that candy.

Skis floated in the early season snow and hit nothing but the white
stuff for about 700 vertical feet. To sum up so far: Bluebird powder
day in November, at a ski area all to myself. And my dog.

The drainage below Spitfire (Upper/Lower Lehman's, I believe) wasn't
quite as buried in snow and was more typical of such early season
skiing. Still very nice, though, and for being in the rocky mountains,
I really didn't hit many. Here's a 30-second vid of the drainage in
first-person mode:

And here's Winter in hot pursuit down the final pitch to the blaring
snow guns at the base area:

After that I followed the usual ritual: Sit on my tailgate, drink a
reeb and take in the surroundings while the dog eats her food. From
start to finish, we love the routine.

And the lifts will be running soon…

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