Good morning all,

It's a Friday question, but with your help, maybe it won't be a Friday,
Monday and half of Tuesday question.

The International Nursing Review has a very strange publishing history, as
far as I can tell. This is what I can figure out from looking at other
libraries' catalog records and ICN's web site:

v.1 (1957) - v.13 (1939) International Nursing Review, then continued by
International Nursing Bulletin.
v.1 (1954) -                  International Nursing Review (London, England)

We don't have any issues of the Bulletin. So my questions are: are these the
same item? They seem to be (according to the ICN website), but the catalog
records I've seen don't record a smooth transition from Int Nurs Rev to Int
Nurs Bull and back to Int Nurs Rev. Also, the second instance of Int Nurs
Rev sometimes has the appelation (London, England) on it.

I ask because we're in the process of trying to transfer our holdings
records from notecards into an Access database, and make sure they're
accurate. Should International Nursing Review get more than one record? What
would you do, or what have you done? Any thoughts would be quite helpful. I
will post a summary when we figure anything out.

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