Does anyone ask Hospital Inpatients to sign a disclaimer form before receiving Patient Ed handouts from the Internet?

We have installed a "Virtual Library" Computer on each Nursing unit. It allows Hospital and Medical Staff access to selected healthcare sites, including MD Consult.
The physicians are concerned because they are not always in agreement with the information in these handouts, and do not want the patients to view these handouts as medical advice. Disclaimers abound, and I showed several to our Library Committee. The Chair of the Committee suggested that we request that patients sign the disclaimer form and a copy be put in the Medical Record. In that way, if a nurse gives the patient some information, the physician can later look at the Medical Record to see what was given and respond to the patients questions.

I have not seen this mentioned on the listserv in the past and would be interested in your thoughts and collective wisdom......

Thank you!

Elaine Goldman, Medical Librarian
Pascack Valley Hospital
250 Old Hook Rd.
Westwood, NJ   07675
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The drafted form:
Health Information


Topic: __________________________________________________

Source / Reference / Web page:_______________________________

This information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. If you have questions after reading this material, please consult your health care provider for advice about a specific medical condition.

I understand that this information is intended to inform and educate and it is not a substitute for medical advice by a health care professional.

Requestor's signature: ______________________________________________________

Patient ________ Family member ________ Other___________

Provided by____________________

Copy 1 - Patient Copy 2 - Medical Record