I am actually deathly afraid of cats...

I had an bad experience when I was young. My pet kitty "mr. snuggles' decided to
snuggle with me while i was sleeping. he fell asleep on my face and my mom
found me in the morning. i was blue from being smothered. i was taken to the
emergency room to be treated. i have physically recovered, however i will never
be able to be around another cat again. i cannot smell cats, see cat fur, or
see pictures of cats.

i thank you in advance for accommodating my needs.

-best regards,


Quoting Nicole Marie Chabot <[log in to unmask]>:

> I totally forgot to ask if anyone was allergic to/afraid of cats. I have a
> very
> loving Cat, Tanq, but I can put him away if anyone will have problems. I have
> cleaned all the furniture/floors so that shouldn't be a problem, but just let
> me know!
> Thanks - see you all tonight
> Nicole
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