Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to 15 upcoming positions for young
researchers in the field of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides. These
positions are funded by the EU in the framework of the research and
training network CRONUS-EU that started 1st of December.

We are looking for 10 postdocs and 5 PhD-students with a
background/interest in the fields of (geo-) chemistry, physics or Earth
Surface sciences.

The postdoc positions are funded for up to 3 years, the PhD positions for
3 years. The appointed researchers will work on diverse fields such as
natural calibration sites, artificial production targets, nuclide cross
calibration, numerical modeling, refinement of the 10Be decay constant,
and refinement of chemical routines. They will be trained in all relevant
aspects of methodology and application of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides.
For detailed job descriptions, with descriptions of tasks and required
skills, and general information on CRONUS-EU please go to our website:

The deadline for applications is 7th January 2005; job-interviews for all
positions will take place 16-18 February 2005 at the VU- Amsterdam

Network coordination is at the: Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam;
Network teams are at: Univ. Glasgow; ETH-Zurich; GFZ-Potsdam; CEREGE
Aix-en-Provence; Univ. Bratislava; Univ. Hannover; CRPG
Nancy; Univ. Utrecht

I would like to ask you to draw the attention of young researchers in the
field of cosmogenic isotopes, or those who want to enter it, to this
opportunity, and distribute attached PDF-file to the corresponding
people. Please also consider to display printouts in your institute. Thank
you very much for the efforts you take.

Best regards

Tibor Dunai

Coordinator CRONUS-EU