Dear Dr. Ostrom -

I contacted you very early this year as a novice in the world of stable
isotope applications, but never followed up on contacting you to arrange a
visit (my apologies!).  I was glad to receive this notice of the course
availability for this coming year, and am making every effort to be one of
your students.  I've spent the year redirecting the emphasis in our labs
from contaminant monitoring to trophic transfer studies, including
participation in the early mortality syndrome studies in the Great Lakes
basin.  My stable isotope studies have begun to graduate from the reading &
discussing mode to arranging for pilot studies with my Center's composite
archive fish tissue samples.  I look forward to meeting you and your
spouse/colleague, and discussing my programs down here.

Talk to you both soon, I hope.


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                      Stable Isotope

Dear Colleagues,
    Please find below an announcement for our 1 week intensive course on
Stable Isotopes in Biogeochemistry to be held May 9-13, 2005 at Michigan
University.  The course is designed to provide a foundation in the theory
stable isotope chemistry and applications in biogeochemistry and ecology.
The format of the course involves both lecture in the morning followed by
activities using the instrumentation in the afternoon.  Space is limited
and we,
therefore, encourage you to enroll early.  Please feel free to contact me
if you have questions.
Best regards,
Nathaniel Ostrom

              Departments of Geological Sciences and Zoology

                Spring Institute in Isotope Biogeochemistry

                Instructors:  Dr. P. Ostrom & Dr. N. Ostrom
                         May 9-13, 2005 (full day)
                                Cost: $850
Deadline:  April 1, 2004

        Expand your knowledge of stable isotope biogeochemistry in:

 Climate change                    Ecology
 Contaminants                      Oceanography/limnology
 Paleobiology                       And more

Course features:

      Cooperative learning through lecture & laboratory instruction
      Hands-on experience
      Discussion of experimental design, sample handling, field techniques
      Exposure to rapidly developing techniques, e.g.:
      Automated analysis of O and H isotope values on organic matter
      Automated measurement of trace gases (e.g., N2O and CH4)
      Multi-element (H, C, N, S, O) isotope systematics on bulk organics
      Multi-element (H, C, N) molecular-level isotope systematics
      Exposure to new (year 2001) state-of-the art instrumentation

For housing and travel information, please contact:*
[log in to unmask], or phone 517-355-4626.

For more information about the course, please contact:
Dr. Peggy Ostrom @ [log in to unmask] or
Dr. Nathaniel Ostrom @ [log in to unmask]

Enroll Early as Class Size is Limited!

Nathaniel E. Ostrom, Professor
Department of Zoology and
Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
203 Natural Sciences Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824-1115
fax: 517-432-2789