Dear Tiziano,

I don't know who the Costech agent is in Italy but if you contact Steve
Price (Costech's agent here in the UK), he should be able to point you
in the right direction or even sell you one directly.

I'm using a Costech ZeroBlank autosampler on our Finnigan TC/EA and am
very happy with it.

Two points to be aware of though:

(1) When ordering make absolutely sure to your agent that you require a
control box compatible with European power supply and a corresponding
plug on the power cord.

(2) When eventually using the ZB autosampler, be sure to purge the
closed carousel for at least 5-10 min with He before opening the
isolation valve between AS and reactor.

Here are the contact details for Steve.

Steve Price
Pelican Scientific Ltd
Chester Road
Chester CH3 6HJ
United Kingdom
Tel +44 124 467 0177
Fax +44 124 467 0171
Cell +44 790 049 0492
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> Subject: TC/EA autosamplers
> Dear Isogeochemists,
> I've big problems with autosampler of the TC/EA Finnigan: a)
> continuos jams of the carousel; b) undisiderables nitrogen
> (14N*2) and hydrogen ghost peaks.... Where I can find firms
> that distributes multi-autosamplers (more than 30
> samples) with 'zero-blank' background?
> Best Regards.
> Tiziano.
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