Attached and pasted below please find the unapproved minutes from last week's joint meeting with the select board.

Special School Board Meeting
Monday, December 6, 2004
Moretown Town Clerk’s Office


School Board members - Carolyn Egan, Karen Horn, Deb Hunter, Mary Nowlan, John Schmeltzer
Select Board Members – John Hoogenboom, Don Wexler, Peter Rousseau, Paula Mastrobernadino, Doug Jones

Church Septic Discussion
Deb reported to the select board the school board’s decision to deny the Moretown Methodist Church permission to install their proposed new septic system because it would not have the legally required setback from the school’s water supply.

Ski Tow
Carolyn presented the select board with an overview of the proposed ski tow, and asked that the board allow the ski tow to be added as a rider on the town insurance. She explained that the Ski Tow Fund would reimburse the town for the cost.
The select board voted unanimously in favor of the tow and agreed to add it to the town’s insurance if that could be worked out with insurance.


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                        Mary Nowlan - Board Clerk