OK, my turn.

1. Bubble Sheets
The Scantron-like (bubble sheet) is an entirely different issue than
Filemaker.  For example, surveying 1000 students simultaneously by
running them through the lab 25 at a time would be logistically
impractical.  Scantron and a few others that we are looking at can scan
bubble sheets and interface with a PC for csv, Access and other
formatted exports.  One of the companies, Apperson Education Products,
will let us trial use their for 30 days.  There are issues, of course.
We'll test it and see.

2. FileMaker Pro
Yes, my colleague Dave Tisdell and I run FMP 6 Server for SpedDoc,
elementary report card, local standards board data, and a few other
small items.  It works fine in our WAN.  It has been sluggish for
SpedDoc over a VPN connection from schools using ADSL at about 384 kps.
We worked around that with Remote Desktop Connections for those

I bought FileMakerPro Unlimited last year to provide a web version of
our report card (11 related databases).  The Unlimited suppressed some
of our security features.  The server also froze due to memory problems
when about 15+ users were using it simultaneously.  Elevated-level FMP
tech support said that it was a "known issue."  Yeah.

I love FMP for its ease in writing and formatting.  It's pricing is
outrageously high, even with volume licensing.  The new FMP v.7 doesn't
support v6 or v5, so we would have to retro upgrade every license if
SpedDoc is written in FMP7 only. Would also force us to upgrade all
licenses for the report card, or run two FMP servers - one for each
version.   Upgrade protection is not very protective.

We are investigating a sql option for our report card that is similar
to one that is being written to enter and report our local performance
assessment data.

My brain is full, so I am moving on.


Steve Jarrett
District Technology Coordinator
Mount Mansfield Union School District
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
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