We ran the school climate survey from Victoria Bernhadt School Portfolio Toolkit through a web interface into Filemaker Pro.  We surveyed about 600 students, 70 staff and 200 parents.  We scheduled classes into the lab over two days, the staff in two sessions after school, and the parents before conferences.
There are a few hoops to jump through manipulating the data afterwards, but compared to hand collating, it was awesome!
We also have a SU license for Zoomerang, a web interface survey tool that allows you to input your own questions and select the format you want the answers in.  It also allows the survey to be e-mailed out to a list and other cool features.

Dave Tisdell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I am with you. I cringed when the topic first came up. It would be much
more cost effective to do this all through a web interface. One of the
arguments I heard was that if we needed to survey the entire student
body at once, we don't have enough computers to make that happen.
We would have more flexibility and less expense with a purely web based

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While I was working at CVU we used Scantron scanners to do daily
attendance, grades and class requests. The hardware is a nightmare.
took constant tinkering to get it to work. A laser printe! r has 100
times better paper handling. It is slow. The data transfer is
primitive and to say there is any integration with applications at the
other end is a bit of a reach. You have to write (or have written for
you) code that takes data streams and rebuilds it to an X/Y grid with
true/false for there being bubbles filled in. Good code will check to
make sure the form that was scanned is the one that was expected, and
better code will have lookup tables for any possible form that could
fed to it. The applications that we were using it with (Mac School
Garland Systems proprietary software for the Sys 36) locked us into
using their custom printed forms which were copyrighted and only
available from them at a very high price. We had to run the forms
through our printers to put the basic information on them, such as
name and student list, then the teachers would bubble them, then we
would run them through the scanner.

Bubble sheets are not something I would voluntarily deal with again.


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