Thanks, Vince.  You've eloquently put into words what I imagine many of
us feel about Craig.

I've been out of the "Pizza Group loop" for several years, but I did
have the pleasure of working with Craig at South Burlington for several
years and also benefited from his knowledge and patience.  I won't try
to compete with what Vince has written, but I join in wishing you well,
Craig, and will be looking forward to when you return to VT!


>>> [log in to unmask] 12/27/04 8:24 AM >>>
I started out to write some of my usual jocularly derisive stuff as a
send-off for Craig, but I found myself instead reflecting rather soberly
on Craig and what he's done for all of us over the years. (And we're
talking YEARS!)  I didn't want to make this sound like a retirement
eulogy, because I'm choosing to believe that Craig will be back in our
midst, as he (almost) promises, in a year or so, but I guess it came out
like that anyway.  Still, I'd like to share it with you.

Some of you tech support people may not even have reached kindergarten
when Craig cranked up the first school BBS in the state.  I think it was
in the spring of 1985 (that's not a typo: it was EIGHTY-five, not
ninety-five) that Craig set up an RBBS system at CVU using a PC with
twin 5 1/4" floppies (no hard drive) and a 300 Baud modem.

I say Craig started it, but that's not entirely correct; the CVU
computer club started it.  And therein lies the talent that makes Craig
an outstanding educator: he has the ability to get kids fired up about a
project, nurse them through the start-up phase, and then step back and
let them run with it while he waits in the background for the inevitable
call for help.  When it comes, his help is both patient and generous.
When kids screw up, there's no blame-laying or smug patronizing; Craig
is there with a smile, encouragement, and good advice.

I'm not sure if Craig has had much direct contact with students in his
more recent positions, but if not, it's a shame. He has the confidence
to give kids the benefit of the doubt, to create an open computing
environment that fosters independence and creativity. With Craig, the
kids have always come first.

Craig's generosity has certainly not been reserved solely for his
students.  For instance, in 1992, when we in Montpelier decided to set
up a FidoNet BBS to become part of the developing state-wide network, I
must have been on the phone with Craig at least once a day for a month.
Never did he get annoyed or impatient with my stupidity, rather, with a
calm, steady voice, he coached me through the TBBS system's arcane world
of user levels and flags until the thing actually worked.  And this was
but the first of his many responses to my cries for help over the years

Another thing that impresses about Craig is his lack of ego.  Unlike
many of us (well, me anyway) who fear appearing inadequate before our
colleagues, Craig has no problem admitting that he doesn't have the
answer to a particular question or that he was wrong about something.
In fact, the few times I've seen him proven wrong, he seemed absolutely
pleased to have had the learning experience.  And so many times, at
conferences and workshops, Craig has asked the question that was on my
mind but which I wouldn't ask because I thought I'd seem dumb. Thank
you, Craig.

He has been there for a great many of us when we were stuck and needed
a hand, but he has rarely asked for anything in return.  I don't know
that there are a whole lot of guys like Craig Lyndes around, and I, for
one, will miss him - even if it is just for a year.


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