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     Didn't we start a users group last year? I attended a few of the
meetings, is this the same group or a new one? Anyway one of these days we
will be going to the new SMS program ( I need to confince the districts to
spend the money to do so).
We are currently on Win School and are less than satisfied with the program.
I would like to be in the users group so I can see if it is worth updating
or going with a diffrent vendor.
Let me know if you will be meeting again.


The "User Group" meetings you attended earlier were hosted by Eduteam and followed their agenda, which consisted largely of sales pitches.  This new group is a grass roots one really made up of users who want to help each other and also present a united face to the vendors (Eduteam and Chancery).  We now have schools involved from Bennington to St. Albans.

I'll add you to the list.

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