We have been using Nextel phones for the last two years. Our bills are 
a lot less than our previous Unicell bills and the direct connect 
feature is great - not so great when you don't want to be found though. 
We do have some dead spots in the building - my office is one of them. 
We have direct access to the police station and although we have not 
been configured to the emergency feature (not sure why) - we have the 
ability to put an emergency call to all of the phones at one time in 
case we need to lock down the building or for other emergencies. The 
only other negative I would give them is their phone repair/replacement 
policies but they are the same as any other cell service.

- Bryan

On Dec 21, 2004, at 2:10 PM, Ken Kleinman wrote:

> We are looking a Nextel cellular phones - specially because of the 
> walkie-talkie feature.  Has anyone had experience with their cellular 
> and direct call system?

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