Snuck out early on a solo mission to get my ski fix.  Not much of a crowd
at Sterling for being the only lift open.  Hooked up with a staff guy who
knows a lot about forest fire prevention management.  He invited me to hike
Madonna with a couple of younger gents from Cabot.  We weren't the first,
but there was plenty of untracked down Upper Chilicoot.  Phiz (FIS) was a
little thin so we skied over to lower Doc Dempsey's.  I was the 3rd set of
tracks through there this year.  Probably 5 or 6 inches on a good solid
base until that point.  The rest of the run was avoiding rox, hopping water
bars and trying not to turn too deeply.  It felt good to be on real
powder.  Took one core shot on Link.  Maybe it's time for the jax to become
rox skis.

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