Thanks to sometimes lurker John Wulf, I now have a cool Burton snowboard
ready to convert into Burton Tele skis. Wulf is one of those fanatics who
hammers all day on a single speed mtn bike, then hikes a mountain to
complete his workout...a good guy, no doubt.

Anywho, This board has a nice centerline on the base perfect to follow for
my cut. It also has a cool wizard on it, which will look nice when I jib
and do hand grabs. I have no idea what the name of this board is, or what
the top sheet has for graphics ( I got it in the dark after work last

The only question is if my creation is still a snowboard, or if they are
now skis. I will see the first time I try to load on the single at MRG...

Currently snowing lightly in B-town area with about an inch accumulation.
Don't fret, go skiing---sunday was a better day than most days in january
last year...

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