We had an incident recently wherein one of our cardiologists needed an
article from Hypertension 2004 that was epublished ahead on print on
November 15. Once again, the article was available on the publisher's
site but not through Ovid. We wound up "buying" it for the physician and
intending to look into this further which we have not done so far.
Hypertension is an American Heart Association title, published by LWW.


Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Clapp, Alison wrote:

> Am I the only librarian fielding questions from my patrons regarding
> articles from the most recent issue of Lippincott titles?
> Today an ER doc asked why an article she needs from the most recent
> issue (December 2004) of Pediatric Emergency Care is not available
> through OVID.  She found the article on the Lippincott website but did
> not want to pay the fee. I did a quick comparison and of the 21
> "articles" which are available on the Lippincott site: 9 of them are
> currently available on [log in to unmask]  Of those 9 (and included in the
> 21) are the Author Index, the Subject Index and the Note to Reviewers.
> If you only look at what our average patron would consider "content" the
> numbers are 6 articles available on OVID and 18 on the publisher's
> website.  This is only one instance I have found where it would appear
> that institutional customers (in spite of paying a premium for OVID
> access) to not have the same benefits as an individual subscriber.
> Another problem is with pre-publication articles.  Pediatric Research is
> one such title which posts articles before they hit print.  Again, the
> individual customer has access but the institutional customer who only
> has the OVID option does not.
> If any of these issues described above impact your library patrons and
> are a concern to you, could you please contact me?
> Thanks
> Alison Clapp
> Librarian
> Children's Hospital Boston
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