Hello all,

I'm doing a review project on the status of health sciences e-books and would appreciate input on
two unrelated questions:

* Does anyone know how e-book providers (eg. publishers) solicit comments and input from users and
librarians?  Do they have user advisory boards? I know that many third party vendors who provide
e-book content do beta tests at various libraries and have various other systems in place. Many
journal publishers now have User Advisory Boards.
For e-books, esp. those from publishers, many of us seem to have to resort to commenting to user
representatives "after the fact" about our licensed products' revised search interfaces, moving
urls, disappearing book titles,etc.

* Have any of your libraries begun "loaning PDA books" (as our users refer to it)? I don't mean web
guides to free content, but rather- licensed fee-based book content. If so, do you have any
experiences to share? What have you licensed? How do you distribute it?

Please respond to me directly and I can summarize for the list. Thank you.

Ramune Kubilius, MALS, AHIP
Collection Development / Special Projects Librarian
Galter Health Sciences Library
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
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