I too have the Pentax Optio 4si.  There is also a "4s" but doesn't have all
the features.  Also the 4s get most of the reviews so if you read online
reviews make sure they are talking about the 4si not the 4s.

There is now a 5si.

As for shutter lag. I got used to hitting the button a little earlier than
with a regular film camera for an action shot.  It's the "second" picture
which gets fustrating.  The lag between taking one pictures to taking
another picture is an important one. And slow. If you try to take a second
picture and press the button too soon the camera gets confused and does
nothing.  You then have to release the button and wait for a second then
try again.

One feature I like about the 4si is the size.  Not too tiny to hold it, but
it fits in almost any pocket.  There are also many settings for surf and
snow, sunset, text, flowers, food, night, etc.

I get about 170 pictures on a 512 memory card.  That's enough to practice
and get used to getting the action shots.

I would not recommend putting it in an Altoids tin, the screen on the back
can get scratched.

Currently my 4si is in for repair.  I was in the lodge at Killington then
rode up to the top, turned it on, and the screen shattered from the
inside.  Good thing I got the extended warrrenty that covers damage from
heat and cold.


On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 07:30:55 -0700, Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]>

>Denis asks:
>>I have a friend with a digital camera that he loves for skiing.  It fits
>>in an altoids box and yet has plenty of resolution and can store many
>>pics.  I've emailed him to ask what it is but apparently he's out of town.
>>  Anybody know?
>Sounds like one of the Pentax Optio series. I have the 4Si, but one key
>feature across the line is their ability to fit inside and Altoids tin. The
>model I have is 4M pixel with a 3x optical zoom, thus suitable for
>enlargements up to about 8x10, maybe 11x14 depending on subject, digital
>noise, etc.  On a  256Mb SD memory card (about $55 at Costco) I can store
>around 95 images at the highest resolution.
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