Whiteface Saturday.  It will be Shirley's day one.  I got a brand new pair of P 50 Platinums to try out and the trail count was up to 22 today I believe.  Last Saturday was awesome for what they had.  It can only be better now.  We probably will be road tripping to Vermont when things get a little more epic.  I/we (whoever) are seriously contemplating Sugarbush on the 24th just to say we been there.  Jimski

Marc Guido <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Trying to decide. It'll definitely be Vermont, and with the snow what it was this week it'll definitely be northern Vermont. I was just at Jay last weekend, so as good as it looks I'm thinking perhaps Sugarbush on Saturday and Smuggs on Sunday.

Anyone else? Anyone?


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