At 09:22 AM 12/15/2004 -0500, Evan Osler wrote:
>I firmly agree. Great idea for a ski area, one that I think others should
>have embraced long ago i.e. Blue Hills.

But what niche would make sense?

It really can't be as a high-school ski club/family learning
hill the way that Wa-Wa-Wachussetts and countless other
small hills have done.  BH has the worst beginner's
terrain of all time.  Their beginners area, called
Pretzel on this map,
has no flat run out so never-evers ski off the end the
end of the snow making snow and into the woods above
the parking lot amidst a bunch of rusting pipes, derelict
lift parts and other construction debris abandoned by
the Beers operation.

And once a learner graduates from the rope pull, their next
harder run is down is Sonya. Unfortunately, upper Sonya
has a pitch on it that really requires a skier be a strong
intermediate.  Lower Sonya would be a good teaching run
but you can't get students there.

BH was heading in a somewhat workable stop gap solution when
they tried running an old surface lift up the power line
they call "The Chute" on that map.  The anchors to that
bull-wheel pulled out, if I recall.  And there were some
other problems.

Lacking this, BH would need to do the following to make
the place a suitable learning area:
1) Landscape the run out in the beginners area to create
    a berm to capture never-evers
2) Flatten out the pitch on upper Sonya
3) Redo the water making pipes on Lower Sonya (currently
    without snowmaking)

I'd be shocked if Ragged was going to drop that kind
of money into the place.  And I'm pretty certain that
the Friends of the Blue Hills wouldn't let them
displace a single rock, much less do the kind of
landscaping needed.

So, what then could be its niche?

- Dave
"It is impossible, or not easy, to do noble acts
without the proper equipment."
Aristotle, <<Politics>>, 1323a-b, trans Jowett

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