On the local news last night was a piece on the four gomers lost at
killington Sunday. I guess a helicopter spotted them and radioed in a
rescue team to save their sorry bottoms after a cold night in the freexzing
woods. The report claimed teams from stowe and colchester responded, which
is pretty far to go to save a couple of flatlanders lost at Killington.

I happened to notice that one of the "skiers" was wearing a nifty football
jacket, which is how I would ID them as outer-staters. What is it with
football jackets? Are they a required item in the metro areas? I wonder how
comfy that jacket was at -20 F, struggling around in circles, postholing up
to their knees?

BTW, the hillbilly gomers from the sticks up here wear their snowmachine
one-pieces when they go skiing or boarding...

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