I'll probably be there, but may be working. If I'm free, 10am at Bravo.
What a crowd that seems to be gathering and some big names too. Am I
worthy enough?

Just to get your stoke up, Egan and I shared some fa-bu runs yesterday;
nobody around, powder on the edges and beyond, sparkling azure turns in a
frigid world of verdant white. Castlerock was virtually empty and freshies
available on every trail, even at 1pm. Finished the day with a 2700'
sidecountry run to check conditions. Not quite ready yet, but where it was
good, it was great.

Yet another powder, err hardpack, day in the Mad River Valley. Boy, when
am I going to wake up and get some proper narrow skis for these "Eastern"

There's a chance of squeaking by on Thursday and if the backside comes in
with more snow, we could come out ahead. Keep doing your snow dances.


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