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>Sharon did you go here:
>They do keep the pool very hot in the winter.
>I don't think our lodge allows dogs. I like dogs but I don't think I
>would like to have my family up at the lodge with other peoples dogs
>there, where would they sleep, its dorm accomodation. Plus America is
>sue happy, would the club be liable if someone got bit by another guests
>dog ?

Thanks for that link. Pool is indoors. That's fine, not what I'm going for
anyway. Looks reasonably priced. Depends if they accept my canine kids.

Yeah, I hear ya about the dogs, and I figured that clubs wouldn't allow
dogs, though if I had a ski club, it would for people with dogs. (Maybe I
should look into that.) But hey, I'm different, and my dogs are my family. I
called an officer at the Onondaga ski club, and yeah, no pets at the lodge.

Not sure if the Garrison allows dogs either. So, it may be a tough call for

If I even wanted to board my 3 dogs for the holiday, and could afford the
$15 per dog per day fee, I could not find space for them at this late date
anyway. So, I'm trying to see what my options are.

My dogs are always welcome in Lake Placid, North River and Bolton Landing,
NY. These are all pretty close to skiing, and closer to VT than Ithaca. I'm
trying to find a way to ski the MRV during Xmas on a very tight budget with
3 dogs in tow. Could mean a lot of driving.

Might be more relaxing to stay home and ski with the dogs here, take a few
runs at Greek Peak and save a pile of cash. But I need to explore the
options before I resign to that.


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