>From:         Dana Dorsett <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      Re: Impressively Bad Skiing Advice (website)

Jonathan Shefftz [[log in to unmask]] writes: > When viewed in the proper context,
the advice makes sense: They make their living selling overpriced beat up
rental gear and used gear. Can you imagine the cost of actually repairing
and tuning (or even waxing) all of that crap? Cheaper to advise the
clientele a priori that "it isn't really necessary". dana <

Yeah.  They're pragmatists.  Who needs edges in Utah?  If you never wax
you probably never need skins (that is if these folks ever wish to go into

In a pinch Dickie Hall recommends using a stream to get the equvalent of
skins.  Step into the water, step out on the cold snow, climb.  At the top
scrape and go.  Done it occasionally myself, just not intentionally.

(I thought the site was a joke until I read the About Us section.)

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