I can't even begin to try; it's too funny to explain:

Sometime later in the day, a cross country skier was out in the
serenity of nature, enjoying an afternoon ski. He pretended not to
notice the Chrysler Pacifica coming at him through the forest.

Before that chance meeting, a coupla skivters and a dog were sticking
their thumbs out at a switchback on Loveland Pass. A coupla girls
stopped to pick them up and dropped them off at the top. Then, they

Then they stuck their thumbs out again, and the pattern repeated
itself for a total of three runs.

Somewhere along the way, they saw this,

and paid their respects. Then they saw this guy

riding down a slope that seemed like it might earn him a place
alongside Mark. But high avi-danger aside, it turned out to be what
looked like a lot of fun. So they kept going until they discovered a
little cabin in the woods. They opened the door and discovered no big
bad wolves, Hansels, Gretyls, or little pigs. Just a wood stove and a

So then they skied some more.

But then it was time to go.

To Keystone for some runs on North Peak. The first run felt a little
bit Vermonty.

But not quite, and the rest was just gravy.

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