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A former olympian (mogul skier) has bought Whaleback.  Sounds like he
wants to make it a freestyle training center / ski area... skate park /
ramps, foam pits, etc.  Hopes to get the ski area open for next winter.
  From the WCAX news.

[from their script of last evening's news[
  An Upper Valley ski area will soon be welcoming skiers back to the
slopes. Whaleback Mountain has been closed since 2001. But a former
Olympic skier from Vermont says the small resort along Interstate 89
offers a unique opportunity. Kate Duffy spoke with the man who's buying
it about his plans for the resort.

The gates on Whaleback mountain have been locked for three years.
(8:55-9:04 Evan Dybvig)((when i've spoken about whaleback to people in
this community they've said, oh, I miss that, I learned to ski there, I
wish it was open again.)) Former Olympic mogul skier Evan Dybvig thinks
he holds the key to open Whaleback again and make it succeed. Last week
he inked a deal to take over the Enfield resort. And he has big plans
for the little mountain. (14:12-24)((What you can do with a small,
teeny resort like this is appeal to a niche. For me that niche is
freestyle, youth, action sports.)) Dybvig says there's no other place
like it around. (19:25)((you're going to have a mogul course, down
here.)) (19:53)((you're going to have a halfpipe and jumps and rails))
(27:24-32 kate duffy/enfield)((Evan Dybvig says his goal is to make
whaleback not just a wintertime ski resort, but place where athletes
can work on their skills all year round.)) (20:27)((back here is where
the indoor skate park is going to be)) A 30-thousand square foot
facility will have skate ramps, trampolines and foam pits where people
can practice their moves off the slopes. (20:52-21:00)((a snowboarder
can go in and work on the trampoline and learn a back flip or a misty
flip, then take it out onto snow that afternoon.)) With his Olympic
dreams now behind him .. Dybvig says this is his new dream. One he's
been thinking about since he was a kid, growing up in Tunbridge.
(7:23-37)((I grew up skateboarding in vermont, trying to skate on route
110, which is pretty stupid and dangerous. Kids need a place to skate,
ski, snowboard, have fun.)) It's a 3 million dollar project. Dybvig
says he's working on getting financing, and expects to close the deal
in May. He hopes Whaleback will be open to skier and snowboarders this
time next year. Kate Duffy, Channel 3 News, Enfield.

  Evan Dybvig is a former national mogul champion who competed in the
Olympics in 1998 and 2002.
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