James L Crowley wrote:

> Caution: reading Josh Fox's latest forecast will not bring you holiday cheer. In
> fact, it may make you downright Grinch-like with all the mention of niar and
> unseasonable warmth for next week. It looks like this particularly bad winter
> will continue for the foreseeable future:
> By the way, I've been very impressed with the quality of Josh's forecasts, if
> not the content. He doesn't put a spin on anything.

Good stuff.  He *might* want to change that title graphic though.
Wouldn't want Rupert Murdoch's lawyers coming after MRG.

My take for Thursday/Friday:

Today's 12Z ETA has some promising signs (unless you're in NY state).

The heaviest precip currently looks like it is going to hang far enough
west to avoid dropping the worst of the niar on VT/NH/ME.

Additionally, at 60 hours the ETA tries to drop a piece of energy behind
and east of the main storm. If it can get out over water south of Long
Island, there is a slim chance of it bringing some localised snow to NE
- western MA, southern VT, central NH and maybe western ME. I really
want to see this evening's 0Z run before I commit to that idea though.

Now, as Scott has pointed out in other posts, there has been a tendency
for the GFS to have storms too far east at day 7, and then pull it too
far west, and then inside 48 hours push it back somewhere in the middle.
In this case, that would be bad, so lets hope that pattern breaks this

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