Holly B Parker wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there templates available for faculty, and staff to use in movable type like
> the one Paul Martin has for english 86?

Good question.  Is this something that is (or can be) built into the
existing automation scripts?  i.e. they would specify a default template
when they request a blog?

Also, what about plugins?  Can we have a specific set available (for
example, the math & equation plugins come to mind)? What about
requesting more?

> Also, is there a way to add more links to the side of the screen.  I know there
> is a way to manage links in wordpress fairly easily.  What do you do with
> movable type.

I think you'll have to modify your template files for this.  There might
be plugins available, but I haven't seen any that really manage links
like wordpress does.

> Finally, how do the notifications work in movable type.  I can't seem to get the
> system to generate an email to the people on my contact list.

I can't seem to do this either, although it tells me it sent it when I
enter in a message in the notification box below my post and click send
(I've added myself to the contacts list in "Notifications").  Is the
server configured to send mail?