Here is an on-line course for new job coaches.  It looks pretty good...

This training provides an orientation to the field of supported
employment. It is intended primarily for self-study by newly-hired
supported employment consultants.  There are five training modules,
best viewed with Internet  Explorer:
        *        Module 1: Introduction
        *        Module 2: Strategies and Process
        *        Module 3: Supported Employment Language
        *        Module 4: Skill Building for Employment Consultants
        *        Bonus Module 5: Additional Resources

The full orientation may be completed in about 1 1/2 hours.  The
modules are self-paced and may be started and stopped  at any time.
For the newly hired supported employment consultant,  self-checks
follow each module to ensure content mastery.  A final quiz should be
handed in to a supervisor so he/she  may be confident in the
consultant's awareness of supported  employment values, attitudes,
definitions and process.

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