I would be interested in this training also. Either date works for me.

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Hi Laura,
I'm interested in attending this training.  I prefer the Thursday over
Friday.  I don't work on Fridays, so it can be difficult for me to
reschedule for Friday trainings.  I am available both days though.
Please let me know the final date and other info.  Thanks!

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Hi Everyone,

Just emailing to get your feedback on a tentative time for this
training.  I've set aside Friday March 11, 2005.  Will a Friday be okay
with everyone?  Or is there a risk that people will see this training as
a holiday and not show up to make it a long weekend?  I'm not suggesting
any of you would do this ;-), but I have seen this happen in the past
with other groups.

The gentleman who is doing the training works in Boston.  He is the
Regional Youth Development Programs Specialist with the US Department of
Health and Human Services in the Division of Children and Families.  His
presentation will be fun, enlightening, and very useful in your work.
He is willing to tailor the presentation to meet your training needs, so
let me know your thoughts asap.

This will be an all day training and limited to 30 people.  It is also
FREE b/c I know how little money your agencies have out there to spend
on trainings.  It will be located in Waterbury.  Other locations are an
option if they are free of charge and can comfortably house 30-35
people.  Let me know of any in your area!

The other possible day is March 3, 2005 (Thursday).

The room needs to be reserved by tomorrow so I will have to go with the
few responses I get to this email (would have given you more time to
respond but I just got this info myself).

Thanks and Happy New Year Everyone!!