Thanks for the tip.

Mary Jane

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Mary Jane

    You can also wrap it in the =PROPER() function, to change the text
to proper capitalization if it currently is not.

            i.e..  =PROPER(CONCATENATE(A1," ",B1))

    OR =UPPER() for all upper case

            i.e..  =UPPER(CONCATENATE(A1," ",B1))

    OR =LOWER() for all lower case

            i.e..  =LOWER(CONCATENATE(A1," ",B1))


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Subject: mailing lists and Excel

Here's something I learned when trying to use an Excel file with
people's names and addresses.

Example, I had the first name in one column and the last name in another
column.  I wanted the name all together in one column.  That is, instead

Column A           Column B
Mary Jane            Grace

I want it to be in a single column as

Mary Jane Grace

You can use a command called Concatenate to put the two together as one
name in another column.  The formula looks like this:


The A1 cell is where Mary Jane resides

the " " puts in the space

The B1 cells is where Grace resides.

New cell is Mary Jane Grace

Thought some might find this handy.

Mary Jane Grace
Property Valuation and Review Div.
Vermont Department of Taxes
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