For some reason it looks like the underlines did not go through on the
email.  But you are all smart, I am sure you can figure it out.


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Subject: fee bill

What is in brackets is old language and underlined is new language.  If
clerks feel strongly about changing recording fees and mylars you should get
the association to weigh in on it.

32 VSA 1671 (a) (1)
Trust Mortgages [$10.00] $7.00 per page

32 VSA 1671 (a)(2)
Foreclosures [$6.00 per page] $7.00 per page

32 VSA 1671 (a)(6)
Mortgage Discharges $7.00 per page per mortgage discharged

32 VSA 1712 (5)
Certified copies of vital records [$7.00 each] $9.50 each

Tim Corcoran
Town Clerk
Bennington, VT