Hi All,

Your friendly MuniNet administrator here.  Need to offer congratulations to the
folks on this list.  It is one of the longest running and most successful lists
I have ever been associated with.  There are over 260 subscribers and many
messages each day.  Though I just monitor the list administratively for errors,
it is clear that many folks in the field are benefiting from the ability to
share information easily.

Just a quick note to remind everyone that you can check the archives of the
MuniNet Listserv going all the way back to our humble beginnings.  EVERY note
ever posted to MuniNet is there.  On the web, go to

Also, to see a listing of the subscribers (currently 267), you can send a one
line message to [log in to unmask]  Leave the subject line BLANK. The one
line message is "review muninet"  For example:

To: [log in to unmask]

review muninet

The system will email you a list of the subscribers.  It isn't very pretty (not
lined up very well) but it will show you who is subscribed.

Again, thanks for participating.

Vermont Department of Education